Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker


Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited that the Nutcracker is coming to town! As a little girl I always wanted to go see this live and in person.  For those of you who know me, you know I love dance and find it a beautiful work of art.  Although the dream never happened as a little girl, I at least I got to see it on a rented VHS tape from the library 😉  I am not missing it this time and tickets are inexpensive.  This is a great holiday treat for the family.   Here is some information I picked out from their website for those of you in the Phoenix area.

Saturday, December 15

Comerica Theatre

Two Shows:  2:30pm & 7:30pm

Moscow Ballet presents the 20th Anniversary production of the critically acclaimed Great Russian Nutcracker in 2012! Experience the wonder of this beloved Christmas story ballet in a city near you…tickets are now on sale! at, the box office or call 800.745.3000.

Moscow Ballet made its debut of the Great Russian Nutcracker in 1993 with an all-star Russian cast directed and choreographed by Stanislav Vlasov, formerly of the Bolshoi Ballet. Moscow Ballet also performs classic story ballets including Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.


Slap on Watches… 2 for $12 shipped :) Great Stocking Stuffer


I don’t know about you, but in junior high, I LOVED slap on bracelets.  I was surfing the web last night looking for stocking stuffer ideas for Maya (my daughter) and came across this deal for slap on watches.  They look a lot sturdier than the flimsy bracelets I used to have LOL. Plus, you can change out the clock feature so you can change band colors.   I figure this could make a great stocking stuffer for anyone (I know it says Kids Deals, but heck I would totally wear it).  The deal I came across is for 2 Slap on Watches for only $12 with FREE Shipping (normally they are $15 EACH plus shipping).  The deal ends in 2 days.  Happy Shopping!

Click on this link if you are interested. If you think someone else would be interested in this, pass on the link.



Here is a copy of the information on the website I found 🙂


Slap On Watches are Here! 

2 for $12 with FREE Shipping (Save $18!)


Slap On Watches are the hottest trend in 2012 and Just in time for the Holidays!

Two Slap On Watches for $12 with FREE SHIPPING

(A $30 Value – Save $18)

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What Are Slap On Watches?

Slap-On Gear: Slap Watches – Take the time pieces out, and make 100’s of unique combos!

Slap watches are the newest and fastest growing trend. Slap on watches are great for kids, teens and adults. They are easy to put on before work, school, or play! Water resistant and highly durable silicone housing is perfect for all ages. Interchangeable colors make these a great fashion statement, try matching them with your outfit, favorite sports team colors, company colors (we imprint logos as well), or favorite holiday colors!


Christmas on the Farm Holiday Light Park! …save $2


I am so excited for the upcoming holiday season! I especially LOVE Christmas. If you are in the Phoenix area, there is a wonderful treat of holiday magic 🙂 Read Below:

Arizona Christmas on the Farm has attractions that are sure to provide wonderful entertainment for all. Two miles of whimsical holiday displays comprised of over 7 million energy-efficient LED lights can be viewed from the comfort of your car. For a more rustic experience, take a hayride through the beautifully lit arches, tunnels and animated features — all designed to capture the enchantment and joy of the holiday season.

More fun awaits at Santa’s Village! It will be the first time that my daughter gets to go see Santa; hope she likes him 😉 Stroll along the Trail of Lights where fantasy cottages twinkle and glow. Shop for crafts and treats prepared by local artisans. Children, and the young at heart, will especially love a visit to Santa, carnival rides and a petting zoo. Special nights will add Winter fun with the addition of real snow!

Save $2 to Christmas on the Farm Holiday Light Park

Reminder for Sesame Street Live.. THIS weekend :)


We are getting so excited for Sesame Street Live this weekend. My daughter loves all the Sesame Street characters, especially Cookie Monster and Big Bird.  If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet and you live in the Phoenix area,  remember to use this discount code for $3 off each ticket.  🙂 I love a deal.  Here are the details:

“Elmo’s Super Heroes 

I can’t wait to take her to this!  Here is a link to watch a sneak peak video of the show “Elmo’s Super Heroes!”    Hope to see you there!

Acne treatment update …working, yes or no?


I just wanted to post an update on my current acne treatments. I have been taking the intestinal repair complex for almost 2 weeks now.  I have done pretty well with staying away from dairy and gluten (although I have had a few cheats).  In terms of digestive issues, I feel that they have heightened somewhat since starting this supplement.  I am not sure if this is part of the healing process, but I still have 4 weeks to go and I am choosing to keep my spirits up.  In terms of the probiotic, I have not started treatment yet because they are on back order.  It has been 2 weeks so I am somewhat frustrated with that, but I know that there is nothing my physician could do about it.

I have been doing the daily castor oil treatment.  Its actually quite relaxing to have an excuse to sit for 15-20 minutes with a heating pad on… I recommend it 😉

I have also started doing the coconut oil treatment about 4 nights a week and putting vitamin E oil on any new zits and some existing scars.  Coconut oil is a great makeup remover and I have not had a major breakout like I anticipated with putting oil on my face. I put a little in my hand, add water and wash.  I rinse numerous times, but it still feels like a layer on my face so I then wash with cetaphil or use a wash cloth.

All in all I feel like my skin is starting to heal. I am trying not to get too excited because the weather has definitely been cooling off so I am not sure if that is more so the reason for less breakouts.  I am trying to keep a positive outlook and am praying that the change in my diet, face wash, castor oil, and supplements prescribed are doing their job.

I get my blood work done on Wednesday to help further the investigation on what is going on with me.

I will continue to update you on my travels to clear skin and a healthy digestive track.

Enjoy the remainder of your October!


Sesame Street Live is coming near you with a discount opportunity.


I don’t know about your family, but my daughter loves all the Sesame Street characters, especially Cookie Monster and Big Bird.  I was excited to learn that Sesame Street Live is coming to Phoenix!  I also found a ticket discount code for $3 off each ticket.  🙂 I love a deal.  Here are the details:

“Elmo’s Super Heroes with Play Zone

I can’t wait to take her to this!  Here is a link to watch a sneak peak video of the show “Elmo’s Super Heroes!”    Hope to see you there!

POP this, acne… update :)


As I said previously, I was reluctant to see a naturopath due to what I thought was going to be an extremely lengthy and, therefore, pricey endeavor.   On Thursday, I finally went to a naturopath and, although the price was definitely larger than what my co-pay would be to see a specialist on my insurance, it was worth every dollar! Never before has a physician sat with me for almost 2 hours and went over every detail of my history as well as asked questions that I had never even connected before.  For the first time, I feel like there is hope, answers and solutions contrary to what many other physicians helped to make me feel.

As of right now, my naturopath feels pretty confident as to what has started the fall of the dominoes in regards to my digestive tract, fatigue and acne. Her goal is to find the main domino that caused the fall, treat that and then help up any dominoes that have fallen along the way if they don’t get up themselves.   She believes that a lot has to do with both the medications I was on as a child for my severe asthma at the time and the BCPs I took for over 8 years. I still have some blood work to get done during a specific part of my cycle.  As for now, based on my symptoms and extensive blood work performed by other doctors within this past year, we formulated a plan to try and get the inflammation in my system down.  I am going to provide the suggestions she gave to me and our plan of action. Hopefully it would be beneficial to you.  However, one thing that she stressed to me was that everyone is UNIQUE; no 2 patients will be treated exactly the same.  The only thing that makes me a little bit weary is that treating this could take a while.


Unfortunately, I had some oral surgery this past week and was put on antibiotics so that puts part of the plan on hold. Also, I need more blood work done, but that has to wait until I am in a certain part of my cycle.  However, we can still get started so I am very excited.

I will be going through 2 rounds (or 6 weeks) of “Intestinal Repair Complex” 160 grams powder by Biogenesis.  You can order it online, but I purchased it from my doctor as it cost the same and she is shipping it to me for free as she was out of stock.  My dr. said that normally she has patients only go through one round of this, but since my issues have been extensive for over 6 years, I will definitely need 2.  It’s purpose is to assist in the repair and restoration of a normal, healthy gastrointestinal lining. I am to take 1tsp twice daily in between meals.  She said I can mix it with any drink that I wish, but recommends water. I will then be on a less intense version of this for probably the good part of a year.

I will be starting an intense round of probiotics with over 225 billion specially balanced strands meant to heal your gut.  As I do not have these in my hands yet (they are being shipped to me from my dr.’s office) I do not know the brand name.  My body’s response depends on how long I will be on them.  I already did a cleanse that had me taking probiotics with 6 billion strands 10 times a day and that was intense so I am a little nervous, but excited to hopefully get healing 🙂

I am supposed to rub castor oil over my liver (about the entire width of your hand right under the ribs on the right side).  The process is: rub the castor oil over your liver, place a cloth over it and place a hot water bottle on it or heating pad for 15 minutes.  Do this every day.  She says it is a way to gently “push” the liver.

She does not believe that I have an over production of sebum as many dermatologists who quickly glanced at me have stated.  While looking at my blood work that I had done this past year by another Dr., my testosterone levels were low.  Over production of sebum usually coincides with higher testosterone levels.   She then asked me what I was washing my face with as she thinks I may be over drying my face. That was a shock to me as I think I am usually oily. Currently I use cetaphil and neutrogena naturals each once a day.   She recommended that for a week, I try washing a small area of my face with Coconut oil  and see if I have  a breakout with it.  If not, she recommends taking a little bit, mixing it with water and washing my face with it (a great make up remover as well!).  She also recommended that I take vitamin E and place it on any new zit.  In the mean time she is checking all of my hormone levels at the right time in my cycle to get a better understanding.

Finally, I am to stay away from gluten and all dairy.  I normally try to stay away from gluten due to my intolerance which I discovered I had awhile ago. However, she believes that I may have a lactose intolerance.  She is hoping that my in-tolerances will subside once I have healed my gut, but still recommends that I stay away from all dairy as much as possible even after I am “healed.”   Her recommendation is goat and/or vegan cheese but even that minimally.

I will keep you all updated on any progress, downfalls, and any new plans of action.  Thanks for the support and hanging in there with me.  For those of you struggling right along with me, you are not alone!


POP this, acne! continued (2)


As I said in my earlier posting, I believe that BCPs have played a major role in my digestive issues which can contribute partly to my acne. The longer I took the pills, the worse these problems got.  All of the doctors I have seen deny any connection and tell me otherwise.  I have been trying to do some research and it has only been recently that I have found a connection with BCP use and the harming of gut Flora.  The first article I happened across was actually on a friend’s Facebook posting about vaccines

If you scroll down to the section entitled “Why are Vaccines Capable of Causing Serious Reactions?” the part that caught my eye stated:

“Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride has identified a brilliant strategy to help assess children who may be at higher risk for developing side effects from vaccines of all kinds. In her extensive experience it is often related to poor gut flora, which is typically transferred from the mother who was compromised due to an unbalanced diet, antibiotics and/or birth control pills. She maintains that children with compromised gut flora are at the highest risk for developing these infections and can often suffer neurological damage.”    

OK at this point I got a little freaked out because it is very hard to reverse the consequences and most scary is that my actions (taking BCPs) could have compromised my daughter.  I then started using BCPs and Gut Flora as searches to find out more information. I still have a lot more research to do, but here are a few more articles I have found in case you too want to do further reading.  I am hoping there is a cure for me as well as my daughter if I passed this on to her. As of right now, it is not looking likely.  If you have any information please pass it my way. I am finally seeing a naturopath on Thursday who specializes in hormonal imbalances of all ages and digestive issues. I am sooo excited…pray with me that I will finally have some answers and proper treatment. 





Toys r us Gift cards!!!


For all my mommy friends (or soon to be first time mommy friends)… I got an email and I HAD to share!

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