Potty training with Panty Liners?!?


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So on my adventures with potty training, I was faced with a dilemma.  I really didn’t want to use pull ups at home (just during nap time and when traveling to the store or other errands). I have heard that they can delay potty training because kids can’t feel the wetness since they absorb it.  However, the house my family is currently renting is 2 floors of primarily carpet.  I was dreading the idea of the first week or 2 of having to clean up a lot of messes.  I tried looking in the store for training pants and no where around me carried the thick cotton undies.  I searched online, but then they were pretty costly and you had to pay shipping on top of it.  I tried just the pull ups for a few days but nothing deterred her from going in them….they were just as comfortable to her as her diapers. I had already bought her a bunch of her “big girl” undies that were in her Christmas stocking, but again they offered no protection from major messes on the floor. I was brainstorming with a friend and she suggested maybe cutting up cloth diapers, that I had originally used as burp rags, and sew them into the underwear.  In my head I was like, “that is a lot of work!”  And all of a sudden a picture of a panty liner appeared in my head.  I can buy a large box of equate pantiliners for less than $4 and double up on them if needed and put those in the underwear. I also thought that it would be smart to put her in pants to help with absorption of whatever the panty liners don’t catch from going onto the carpet.   I tried it and 2 accidents later I only had one time where a little itty bit went on the carpet and that was when I used only one liner instead of the 2.  Both times I just stripped her bottom half, threw away the liners and put the pants and underwear straight in the washer.  I plan on washing everything when I get a full load, there is a messy poop diaper or laundry day comes, which ever is first.  Now I have not had to experience a poopy panty liner yet so I can’t help you with that, but I am assuming it would be no different from letting your child wear cotton training pants or regular cotton underwear.

Hope this idea works for you!



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  1. How well do they work? I’ve got a potty training resistant son (who HATES diapers and gets violent when having to get one on) who likes his big boy undies but wont go into the potty and I’ve been considering doing this with him. I’d love to know how well it worked out!

    • Hi Victoria! I was having issues with checking my site. I apologize for how long it has taken to get back to you. I tried it with my daughter. They worked pretty well. There were just a couple of times that I had a little get on the floor. I am not sure how well it would work with a boy, but it is worth a shot! My friend also took a cloth diaper that she used for burp rags, cut them up and sewed them into her daughters underwear. That is always another option 🙂

  2. I thought of this too – we were going out but my 2yo son didn’t want to wear a nappy. So the panty liner idea! In the end it wasn’t necessary, but it gave me the peace of mind that any little leaks would be caught. Big thumbs up!

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